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Writer's Block: Wear This, Not That

What is the most timeless article of clothing or fashion accessory?
a watch?

Writer's Block: Dear God

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
if you know everything but i mean everything! then what's the purpose putting us in hell or heaven according to our 'free willed' choices? i mean you know where i'm heading already

Writer's Block: Friday the 13th

Do you believe in any superstitions?
Nope, a while before I was thinking that at least some can be true but now, I believe that there are superstitions because some people just dont believe or i dont know, dont respect the scientific explanation and are more likely to believe if they were things they cant explain at all. But nevertheless, I still knock the wood 3 times after I thought something bad or have a bad feeling about a broken mirror. Guess it's just a raised up with thing, cant get rid of them...

Writer's Block: People’s Choice

Who is your favorite celebrity right now?
Right now? Jensen Ackles. And I didn't even start watching Supernatural, hopefully I'll be able to after Saturday and guess a new hardcore fan is on her way (grinning madly)

Harry Potter

I don't know where this had come to my mind, okay actually I know. Let me start from the beginning;

Just about 5 minutes ago I was looking into a website of a Turkish fanfiction writer and I saw a file named 'my comments on the last book of Harry Potter'. I read it and remembered all the details she had mentioned from the book and I thought what about me, do I really think like this?
I love Harry Potter series, I totally admire JKR and am grateful for her characters and story. I think I started the journey just about at the same age as Harry went to Hogwarts and to say that I grew with the story wouldn't be wrong. Who is my favorite character? What do I love about the series? Did I come with the stories of mine while it was still on the process of writing? What did I think when Dumbledore died? What about Snape? The questions never end. There are so much to tell about the story but just to answer the questions I have written;

Harry is my favorite character and always will be. I know that there is a trend that says 'oh your favorite character can't be the main character that is so...cliche...boring...whatever... I don't care. Story was about many things and told about many characters but it was about Harry. Harry was a character who was so special that when you start talking about why he is, you sound so lame and like it is as good as just about any story. But that is not the case, and this is why he was so special. He had the worst kind of a childhood, his parents died with a thing he was famous for, people were never honest with him, absolutely not when he was with the Dursleys and not at all when he was in Hogwarts. He was always tried to be fitted in some sort of role, he had people who just hate him for his very being. He had no particular talent except for his flying skills, okay I accept that that was substantial but all in all, he was not handsome, not so successful at his lessons. He was average. Yet, he was so special. He grew up to be a good guy, he was selfless, he trusted people when all he learned from his early life is that you cannot trust even the people who were supposed to be your relatives. He had courage, he had lots of it and perhaps, his best and maybe the worst quality was this. He was quite practical when he was in mortal danger. He loved people. He is my favorite character because he was strong, because he always accepted what was thrown in his way.

What do I love about the series? When you look into the plot of the story, it really looks like any fictional story, with bad guys and good guys, with a chosen one, with a wise one, with a bad guy who was bad in the first place because he had nothing else in life and bad guys were the ones who accepted him etc. But, the story as a whole had a deepness that I cannot actually describe. There was Harry who was an orphan,  who had been hated by his very relatives, who was famous, who was the chosen one, but these were not the only things about Harry, there were so much to him. There was Snape who was once a Death Eater and now a hated Potions teacher, who was known to be bad, who was the spy, who hated Potter senior and Potter junior with all of his being, but these were not the only things about him, there were so much to him. There was Dumbledore who was the wisest, strongest wizard of all times, who had beated dark wizard Grindelwald, who was the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who was the idol and mentor of Harry but there were so many other things to him. There was Ron, there was Hermione, there was Remus, there was Sirius, there were the rest of the Weasleys, there were the Malfoys.... Everyone had so much to them that I will never be able to explain it all. So, I love the all of it, all the reality of a story that was fiction. It at least showed me that human-being is just the way it is no matter whatever you put him through, wherever you place him, which talents you equip him etc.

No, I have not come with my own solutions, own stories during and after the story has ended. I have a thing that no matter problem author or the director put in front of me, I usually don't try to solve it. I just wait for it to be solved by the characters. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I don't want to be disappointed because my guesses have not come true or maybe my imagination isn't just strong enough. Though I know one reason, I always have seen these kind of things as 'spoiler' in a way, cause you know, after you read so many things about something and created so many ways to solve the problems you have at hand, your head starts to lose the ability of differing what's the original and what's the guess and I didn't want this to happen. So, I did not come up with my own guesses or stories and I did not meet with the fanfiction world until after the end of the story. Thus, I couldn't agree with the Turkish fanfiction writer about her disappointment on the last book and with her many reasons. I wasn't guessing, I was waiting for JKR to make her plans about the story so I had nothing to be disappointed for. And now I think that maybe it was better. Now, for the last 2 years I'm in the fanfiction universe and I have read so many things with different story lines and different ships that all is mixed up in my head but it doesn't matter now. The best with fanfiction is that now I know that story will never end.

Questions can be a million and answers will probably vary according to my mood but all in all, I just love Harry Potter, I am so grateful to JKR, I love the fanfiction universe and I can talk about Harry Potter probably at any given time. The only thing that I am not happy with the last book, which was the main reason why I started to write this, was the epilogue part. That was such a disappointment even for a fan who had not guessed about anything beforehand. Happily ever after... There were many cliches in the story but that was the ultimate and I didn't like it. Anyway, that was what was in my mind and here is probably the only place that I'll be able to share such a writing except for a tumblr...

Miserability (is it even a word?)

I'm tired of not knowing what to do with myself. I want to learn so many different things that in the end, i'm always unhappy with what i'm really doing. Its so nerve wracking and it doesn't go away. I envy people who know what to do with themselves from the beginning or can be just happy with what they have in their hands. I'm not like that and cannot be like that... Trust me, I've tried... but the feeling just doesn't go away. I don't know what to do and I don't want to go on autopilot, that's my life you know, I should be enjoying it. This whole thing sucks, totally.

Writer's Block: Trivia Day

Don’t cheat. Do you know how many countries there are in the world?
194? 195? 196? I don't know, it was something like that but, some countries aren't recognized by the others so I don't know the official number.

Writer's Block: Thank You Month

When was the last time you said thank you?
Umm, yesterday when my friend's father offered me and another friend to drop us to our homes with his car. It was gratefully accepted as Istanbul is a very big city and if you have a home outside the city center it's quite tiring to go home with public transportation.

Writer's Block: Career paths

Any job? I'd be a singer, cause I just love music and listening those good voices always amazes me. I wish I could do it, but definitely can't with this voice. So, it's out of question. Then what job would I prefer...I'd be a physchologist. Physchology is one of the most interesting field of science or shall I say medicine... I'd really love to do that, observe people, listen to them, ease their mind, show solutions etc. it's just an awesome thing to do as a job I think. Wish I could do it...
What is your favorite day of the week?
Friday! Friday! who doesn't love Friday?! A weird happiness and a feeling of freedom come with the day, how can I not love Friday?